Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Meeting results . . . remember, low expectations . . .

Went over a bunch details with Chris today - he was very accommodating and I believe understands our design wishes very well.

Met with Adam briefly and he was pretty straight forward regarding when our house MIGHT be started -- November 6th is his best guess -- and MIGHT be finished -- best case April, worst case June . . . assuming a November start date. WOOF, this is a long way past the original close date of September 15. BTW, we signed our contract on March 25, 2006.


  1. sorry about your new date! we are in the same boat - signed our contract Dec. 10, looking at at least December before we close, if not January.

    I guess we'll all laugh about this when it's all over - right?


  2. Thank you for seeing the bigger picture HONEYPUMPKIN! We are all trying to to our best. Agave is an amazing product and community. It is not for everyone. Some people do and will not get it.

  3. Hey Robin - I'm sure we will all have LOTS of laughs when this is all over - I REALL, REALLY look forward to that!

    Carrie - I'm trying to hang in there and I am hoping for MUCH improved communications and consistency on the part of all agave staff. Based on our last meeting, it sounds like some good (and much needed) changes have been made on the build side of things. If I didn't see the big picture, I would have been out of here a LONG time ago! It sure has been a LONG, LONG time since you and I started trading emails about agave WAY back in August 2005!!!!

    Thank you for hanging in there Carrie - I know you've felt frustrations along with the rest of us!

  4. My husband and I are considering buying a house in Agave. We just put ernest money down. We have just started the intial process w/ Julie Ferri, and have started asking about making design changes to the floor plan. Did you make any changes to your plan? Or know anyone who did? We're wondering if making changes is going to be an uphill battle or an easy process. Thanks!