Sunday, August 18, 2013

A few more updates . . .

In addition to opening the main floor living space we're also opening up a small bedroom downstairs to serve as the kids living space/gameroom.   Popcorn scraping, tapping and mud to come this week!  Here are a few pics of the process thus far:

BEFORE: View from Front to Back of downstairs area:

After: Same view (pay no attention to the hole in the floor, that will be gone soon :-)

BEFORE: from main floor looking downstairs:

AFTER: Same view:

Here's an updated Kitchen shot (cabinet install scheduled for the end of the month):

Here's the latest main living space shot (from back to front of the house) - SOOOOO much more open - yeah!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Trees are getting a haircut . . .

The lot has some beautiful trees on it, but they have not been trimmed in a long time, so a haircut is in order!   Also, need to dismantle a few pergola type thingies too!


After (more to come following more trimming!)

And A couple more:


Saturday, August 03, 2013

Well, we're finally on to a new home project, it's a remodel of a 1969 split-level home in the Highland Hills area of Austin.  We doing some pretty extensive remodeling before moving in - new floors, new kitchen, opening up some walls, skimming the walls, new paint and all associated plumbing and electrical.  Here are a few pictures of the remodel progress thus far!


Today (much of the wall on the left will be closed in again for the new kitchen cabinets)

Main Living Space, which consist of the living room, dining room, family room and kitchen
Day 1 (There were mirrors all over the house)


Design Rendering

Opposite View 
Day 1


Design Rendering

Day 1


Design Rendering

View from the upper landing
Day 1

Design Rendering

Here are a few renderings of the final design -
Original Main Floorplan:

New Floorplan:

Lower Level
Original Floorplan

New Floorplan

Here's an exterior shot