Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Good Meeting!

Our meeting with Adam (agave building supervisor) and James (head builder for our house) was good. It was great to walk the lot knowing where the foundation would be and get a true sense of the location of the house . . . the views will be terrific!

While I am confident there will be "issues" to solve between now and closing, I also feel better now about the future of our house and Agave as a quality housing development than ever before. I've always known it was a GREAT concept, I now have hope that the building execution will also be of the highest quality . . . that is in context of the price point of these houses.

Ground breaking should take place early next week (hmmm, I think I've typed that before) as long as all crew members return from the holidays on time. As soon as that happens, count on more regular updates and pictures galore!

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