Monday, June 11, 2007

more trusses . . .

The ceiling trusses for the living room are going on . . .

Got a new camera and was playing with iphoto . . . here's our skyline view . . .


  1. Hey there! We are so excited to see your house go up! Every time we are out at ours to monitor progress, we stop and admire yours. We love looking at it from our backyard.
    So have you guys picked colors yet?

    Robin Avila

  2. We have picked colors - they're complimentary shades of pale/earthy green (I can't remeber the names) with a fair amount of cedar siding on the east and west sides too. The roof will be the dark Gray that several others have selected.

    I hope it looks good - that was the hardest decision . . . it's a huge deal and I'm afraind of how it'll look on such a tall structure.

    We'll wave to you from the hill . . . thanks for checkin' in!

  3. What kind of camera did you get? I can't believe that it's picking up details like construction cranes downtown all the way from Agave.

  4. It's a Canon powershot (8 megapixel with 10x zoom) . . . it's not very compact, but I like the quality a lot.