Sunday, December 23, 2007

We're in!!

Well, it's been a long haul, but we closed on December 14th and moved on December 17th. It's amazing that we've been unpacking for a week and we still have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to do before the house is "company" worthy . . . oh well, it's great to be in! Here are a few pix for your entertainment . . .

Livingroom (w/ kids watching TV . . . they've been doing a lot of that lately while we unpack!) . . .

Our new pool table (w/ dining table top on for now) . . .

Pool table (and Alex) without table top . . .

Here's a shot of the loft with RED ceilings!!! Sliding doors have been frosted too - very cool at night!

Master Bed - more RED on the ceiling!

Here's our chem top coffee table from my mom and dad with it's new stainless hairpin legs from Ian at - very nice work!!!

Counter height barstools (from Ikea - the price is right and design fitting too) . . .

from the front of the house looking east - moonrise . . .

from the back of the house looking west - sunset - LOVE this house!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Robert and Karen and Alexandra and Addison as you settle into to your fabulous looking new HOME.

    We miss you here but I imagine that you are quite content to truely, deeply, home for the holidays.

    Be Weil, Much Love,
    David (you know, your brother, the one who lives in Boston but is typing away at your mother's computer using my just established Google account)

  2. Thanx brother - Merry Christmas!!!!