Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Damn . . . simply stunning!

I grew up on the East coast and it took me 46 years to finally make it for a visit to FLW's Fallingwater . . . better late than never! What an experience!

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  1. I liked that our tour guide referred to the house as a "camp." I didn't learn how that expression was used here in New England until the summer of 2001 when we booked what I would call a "cabin" or "cottage" in the woods along Lake Champlain. But the agent we booked the place with called it a "camp." She was a little worried we wouldn't be happy with it and said, "You know, it's pretty 'campy' back there." Later she even called it the "campy camp." Fallingwater may have been the Kaufman's "camp" but it certainly is no "campy camp."