Thursday, January 27, 2011

a beautiful day in agave . . .

Spring is in the air!

Spring is fast approaching and agave is indeed alive and well. Be sure to check out the Austin Modern Homes tour this weekend - two agave homes are on the tour:

New houses being built and numerous large scale home improvement/landscaping projects have been undertaken by a bunch of current residents. Here are a few highlights from a walk around the hood today:

A couple awesome landscaping projects:
Ryan's House:

Nam's House

And here are a couple recently completed houses on Ava Lane east (another is in mid build on Agatha Circle):


  1. Saw your blog from researching 7408 ava. My family and i are moving to Austin from Brooklyn in a few weeks and have been desperately trying to find a home that meets all our needs. I love this neighborhood, but am concerned about schools. Do you send yours to private school? Charter? or public? home school?
    Also, are there a lot of kids in the neighborhood?

  2. Hi Kristin - We send our kids (4th and 5th grade) to the Austin Discovery School ( and like it very much. Honestly the schools in Manor ISD seem to be improving and the schools serving east Austin are worse than Manor. RR ISD and Eanes ISD are the best schools in the area, but there is certainly nothing like our neighborhood in any of those places at this or any price point. You could pay a ton of money to buy an average house in Eanes ISD or you can live in agave and use extra money you save on a house for private school - that exactly what our next door neighbor is doing. I'm leaning toward sending our ids to Manor ISD after 6th grade as I believe in and want to support public education as much as possible. There are several kids out here, some school aged, but lots of toddlers.

  3. Hey Kristin - I also help add content on the page, so keep your eyes on that page too for new modern listings as they come up around Austin.

    Good luck in your search -