Wednesday, July 19, 2006

LOOK, it's our house . . . well, not really . . .

They have been framing the smaller version of our house down the street near the South entrance to Agave (BTW, it's been named "The View House" by the architect, Travis Young). The exterior looks almost identical to ours, except ours will have a two car carport vs. the one pictured above.

The left side of our house will go the full length of the right side - you can see above that this house has the shorter shaped living room.

Also, the ceiling heights on the bottom two floors will also be taller in our house, so the house will be 2 feet taller overall (1 foot per floor).

It's pretty exciting to walk through a home that will be so similar to ours. Karen and I were both surprised how small the kitchen/dining area is going to be . . . we may need to buy a smaller dining table . . . unexpected expense!

As far as we know, our plans are still with the awaiting permitting and our lot sits untouched. Time to email Julie again to get an update!

Thanks for looking . . .

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