Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Odic Force Magazine . . .

Well a new publication is about to hit Austin - its going to be a FREE, ad driven publication featuring arts/techno/architecture type Austin stuff - did I say it was FREE. It's due out in March. The reason I mention this is because they're doing a feature on modern homes in Austin and one of their photographers (Daniel Perlaky) came out today and shot our house (all came about through our architect, Travis Young) - kinda cool and a little stressful at the same time. Who knows if any shots of our house will actually make the magazine, but we'll soon see! Anyway, as the house was clean I took some shots myself . . . enjoy!

Exterior . . . (I love our new Bullet planters from hiphaven - http://www.hiphaven.com - seen in front of the wall as well as in our living room a few shots down)

Alex's room (painted) . . .

Interior . . .


  1. beautiful! and nice photography, too. really love your paint colors, your place is so pulled together (unlike some of your neighbor's!;-))

  2. Are you kidding, your place looks great - I can't wait to see you backsplash up close.

  3. Your house is beautiful. Where did you get the front door and the frosted doors.

  4. Thanks for the compliment, we're pretty happy with how everything is shaping up. The frosted front door is simply a frosted film that was applied to the glass - easy and cheap and looks great. We used a local residential/auto tinting company called Sunbusters.