Thursday, May 01, 2008

landscaping . . .

We've been in heavy thought and meetings with landscape companies and pool builders trying to come up with a plan for our back yard. The vast majority of the back lot will eventually be planted with native grasses and wildflowers, but we do want a nice manicured and very usable space right behind the house. Here are a couple sketchup rendering I made of our basic plan (the plantings pictured are not necessarily what will be actually used as there are only so many things to choose from in the Google Sketchup Warehouse).


  1. Fancy! so, i assume you will be putting in a back gate so your fabulous neighbors can um help take care of that pool?

  2. Nah, no gate . . . we're gonna build a super high fence all around our lot . . . a moat is not out of the question either :-)

  3. very, very nice! our yard is suppose to get started today sans planter though!