Sunday, June 01, 2008

pool construction . . . and shed

Cody pools has begun the pool ( - they got a lot done in 2 days, this is good!! We also hired Shawn Somerville ( to build our shed. Here are s few shots of the pool . . .

And here are a couple shots of the shed in progress and what the final version will look like. Shawn has been great to work with and open to my ideas on how to dress up a shed in somewhat modern clothing.


  1. looks very cool...
    we saw, from our art studio view in our house, that there's been lots of stuff happening in your yard...great look for a shed!

  2. Hello,

    We're thinking of hiring Shawn to do a shed for us. Yours looks great! If you have any other thoughts to share on Shawn and that process, I'd be very grateful for an email. Thanks so much! Love your blog.