Sunday, June 29, 2008

Patio Forms . . .

The concrete crew has been hard at work once we finally got the gas line inspection taken care of (several issues there, but won't bore you with the details). We're still refining the final layout as the slope of the yard is even more severe than anticipated and the concrete guys are working hard to keep water running away from both the pool and house - which is very good, but may make us compromise on the design a bit.

Here are some shots . . .

Firepit in the foreground -

Opposite view (and there's Josh's house in the background being built next to us - good thing we like the design of his house!) -

Overhead shot, firepit on the left -

Overhead shot, BBQ/Outdoor kitchen slab on the far right

Just as a reminder (I have to keep reminding myself) - here's where we're heading with all this . . .

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